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Protection from Corona Virus

Sunday, 3 May 2020

Trains For Migrant Workers during Corona Virus

Government Start Trains for Migrant Workers

Coronavirus Lockdown caused the Coronavirus to trap the migrants. The Central Government has given a big relief to such people. Railways have been asked to transport such trains to their home states by running special trains. For this, 'Shramik Special' trains have been started. In fact, state governments had requested under the standard protocol to run trains point-to-point. That is, these trains will not stop anywhere. On the first day, on Friday, six special trains were run on different routes. For the running of these trains, the consent of both the states, where the migrants have to go and where to reach, will be required. Common passengers will not be allowed to sit on these trains. The government has also fixed certain conditions, only after which the trains will be operated. Let us know who can travel on these trains and what will be the arrangement.

List of passengers will be made

The state government will make a list of passengers on these special trains. Migrant laborers, tourists, students, and pilgrims must apply to their home state. The list, which will be prepared by the nodal officer there, will be submitted to the Railways. The station has been asked to reach only those people who will be elected by the administration. Apart from this, no one will be allowed to sit in trains.

The screening will happen before sitting

There will be a provision for the screening of passengers at the station from where the train will run. All will be allowed to sit on the train only after passing through the screenings and being found healthy. If any symptoms are found, then instead of the home state, it can be sent directly to the quarantine center or home isolation.

Food and water will be available here

The state from which the train will run, they will make arrangements for food and water for these migrants. For this, arrangements will be made at the station.

Face mask for everyone, social distance sing is necessary

Every passenger traveling on these trains will have to apply the face mask. Not only this, but it is also compulsory to follow social distancing throughout the journey.

Number of passengers fixed in every coach

The trains are usually overcrowded. But this will not happen in the Corona era. The special train that will run will have 54 passengers instead of 72 in the coach. This is being done to maintain social distancing maintenance.

Railways will feed food in a long journey

If the journey is long, then the passengers will be provided food and water arrangements by the Railways.

Once you reach your state, the screen will be again

Once the train reaches its destination state, passengers will also be screened at the station there. The protocol will remain the same. If symptoms of Kovid-19 are found, they will be sent directly to the Quarantine Center. If there are no symptoms, then the passengers will be allowed to go home. However, they will have to remain in home isolation for 14 days.

People are filling forms in the police station

When the migrant laborers living in Mumbai came to know that the government has made arrangements to send them to their states, they were very happy. Many migrant laborers reached the police station and submitted their forms. These forms will be passed on to the government with the help of the administration.

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