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Protection from Corona Virus

Friday, 6 March 2020

How to Be Safe From Coronavirus : Corona Virus Safety Tips

how to be safe from coronavirus

Corona Virus Safety Tips: Take these measures to avoid coronavirus, know what will happen by opening doors and windows

Coronavirus has knocked in our Country India. Researchers have now given some new safety tips to avoid coronavirus, which are being told to you here

The coronavirus is slowly taking the form of an epidemic. So far, more than 3 thousand people have lost their lives all over the world. Now Corona has given its knock in India and so far a total of 8 cases have been reported. Given the risk of coronavirus, researchers and doctors have suggested some new tips to avoid it. These tips will help you avoid coronavirus infection.

Some specific safety tips have been suggested by the World Health Organization and several other research organizations to avoid the coronavirus. Know below these tips and how you can help protect yourself from corona infection.

Mouth Mask

This is very common safety but it is very important to be taken seriously. Many people feel ashamed and uncomfortable to put on a mouth mask, but start wearing it due to the danger of the coronavirus. According to doctors, this reduces the risk of infection by leaps and bounds. So go buy a mouth mask from the market today and wear it after getting out of the house.

Make a distance from sneezing people

Most attention should also be given to keeping a distance from those who are sneezing. Recently, the World Health Organization has once again advised all people to be vigilant on this. Actually, similar symptoms of colds are also due to coronavirus, so when someone is sneezing around you, move away from it and try to cover your mouth.

Do not eat eggs and meat

The advice not to eat egg and meat has been given since long but it is still being ignored by the people. In such a situation, when the coronavirus is spreading in India, then try to keep a distance from eggs and meat completely. By doing this you will keep from getting coronavirus infection.

Keep doors and windows open

The coronavirus has become a global health problem. In this case, scientists have studied and found that if we breathe in fresh air by keeping the doors and windows open, then it can be prevented by the coronavirus. At the same time, Chief Health Scientist in Singapore Chorth Chuhan has advised doing so, according to him, Coronavirus does not spread in the fresh air. Try to keep the door windows of your bedroom and guest room open.

Keep the room warm

Keeping the room warm means that your room temperature remains above about 30 degrees Celsius. According to recent research conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), keeping the room temperature warm also reduces the risk of infection with the virus. Apart from US President Donald Trump, it has been said by many scientists that this transition will be over by summer. So try to keep the AC etc. low and keep the room warm.

Avoid passing through any fish market

The most important thing is whether or not you eat meat, but do not pass around any market where meat is being sold and its smell is spread. The risk of corona in this air also increases to a great extent. Therefore, you should also avoid going to the place where meat and fish are sold to avoid the coronavirus.

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