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Monday, 6 January 2020

How to make notes for IAS CIVIL SERVICES Exams

How to make notes for IAS CIVIL SERVICES Exams


Making own notes for any exam is a tough part because you have to write a minimum point to recall from the pool of paragraphs & topics.

Notes means writing point to point which helps you in the last minutes of preparation before appearing in Exam. When I was preparing for UPPSC, notes play a precious role in the last minute of revision. As per UPSC Exam, it is having a number of different subjects with a huge syllabus which becomes very difficult to remember each & everything. It is impossible to go through the entire syllabus when you are revising. Here Effective notes play an important role in un Preparing for UPSC.

Notes making is an art. It is always important to know which point is to add & which point you do not have to add. At the time of my preparation, it was very hard because I use to add everything in the notes & in the last minute of preparation it becomes very tough for me to recall each and every single point. It happens because I didn’t know how the should be structured but over a period of time it becomes easy.

So I am sharing some of the strategies which I followed during my exam to make great & easy notes. These strategies of mine will definitely help you in notes making effectively for UPSC.


Read the books & then make notes in the second time you read.


Always read your book first before making notes. Never go for making notes from the beginning you started reading. Because when you read the book for the first time you will never know which points you can leave & which are the most important points you should add.

For the first time, just read it & underline the important things. When you read the book for the second time you can make notes because second time reading will help you to understand the important points of the chapter or the topic & the pints you should remember at the time of the exam.

Make bullet points

How to make notes
Always keep in mind that notes you are making are in bullet form. They should be short & easy to understand. Bullet points are easy to understand & also good while writing exams. When you give an answer in bullet points it becomes easy for the examiner to read & understand your point of view through these bullets.

You can gain extra marks also, so make sure you should write points in Bullet form only.

Spiral Binding Note Book

civil services exam
Use of pen & paper for notes making is the best thing. This will also help you in remembering because when you read & write something at the same time your brain catches the words you are writing & store it in one’s mind for longer time.
Using Spiral Binding notebook it becomes easy to handle & you can store all the material in a single book.

Make short Notes

Making notes for UPSC or any other competitive exam it becomes very time consuming process but it is beneficial too. At the time of my preparation, I use to make short notes & to the point so I can recall them before the exam. Short notes & points making are very essential  & easy to learn.

When I was preparing, my polity notes was not more than 50 pages. Polity has a very huge syllabus but in my notes, I use to make all the bullet & to point notes which covers all they syllabus in50 pages.

Use Current Affairs for Note Making

civil services exam

Current affairs are well update & if you use while making notes, then you are adding quality in it. When you read a newspaper there are lot s of articles directly related to some of your topics.

When you are appearing for GS-2 which includes polity is something which always updates time to time. This updated point you can only get from Newspapers. When you write the polity exam at that time you will write an updated answer because you have made them from current affairs which are already updated. Also, read Daily Current Affairs:

Make Flow chart & Diagrams


Always try to make flow charts or diagrams in your notes as well as in answers. It will make the answer more effective & eye-catching. While making diagrams or Flow charts it becomes easier to remember things & it also stores in one’s head for a long time.

Diagrams or flow charts are very attractive & because of eye-catching material our mind catch it much quicker than reading a full paragraph.

Divide & share Notes with friends


If you are in studying with the person who is serious about studies & has some caliber like yours then you can divide your work. You can divide the subject or chapters with your friend, make notes on time and exchange. This step will decrease your time in making notes & also you can get the notes from others' points of view.

Make Question Answer list

When you finish reading a topic, chapter or subject make a list of possible question which comes out of the topic & then try to answer all of them. This will help you when you are appearing for the exam; you don’t have much time in the exam hall to think about the content, so when you make all the answers from the expected question you don’t have to think about the content again.  

Hope this will help you.

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