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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

How to Crack UPSC

How to Crack UPSC:

Crack UPSC

UPSC Aspirant as advice to have a long-term strategy. Most of the Serious candidates start preparation 9 to 12 months before the exam. Today I'll tell you How to Crack UPSC.

It's better to sweat in practice then bleed in war
Before start, let me answer you some most important question?

  • Can we get selected? The answer is YES
  • Is it Easy? The answer is NO
  • Is it tough? The answer is again NO
  • Is it challenging to clear? And the answer is YES
  • Do people get selected? YES 
What you have to do is to give 14-15 hours a day continuously 155 days, BUT this is next to impossible. According to the report, 1-2% aspirant can only be able to provide this much time in practice. But it can be possible if you are focused and can provide at least 10-12 hours a day.

Why can you do it?

  • I have seen people cracking prelims & getting selected in 5 months of regular practice –( I know few people who get in top 1oo rank by just started preparation 5-6 months back and they crack prelims, Mains & Interview by this way one can crack UPSC)
  • I know you all can strategies & execute the plan, Explained here in step by step ( Clearing UPSC becomes easy if you get proper guidance & policy, People the thing it's not easy to get select in 1st attempt you have to give at least five years. But believe me, this is bullshit. If you are willing to give 100% for preparation you will clear the exam)
  • If you feel that you may not be able to crack UPSC Exam 2020 this time, Just follow the plan you will be able to get positive results. (Sometimes you feel like you have not prepared well and not be able to select for UPSC exam, but if you follow the step & plan then you may not get select, but you will get preferred next time)
  • If you do not be able to clear Mains, but clearing Prelims will boost up your confidence level for the Next time. (following the right way & path will help you to increase the confidence level in you.
  • Believe me & Trust yourself
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What Books are Required to crack UPSC Exam

Crack UPSC

Polity is the subject from which you can score the highest marks in Prelims. Don't go on the number of pages a book has If you want to crack UPSC. I know they are many, but they all are interrelated. When you start reading, you will find it easy to understand. Questions from this subject come directly straight forward & not confusing.

  1. Laxmikanth /NCERT Book – The Indian Constitution
  2. Also, read the Newspaper as Polity includes updated news questions.
When we look back, we found the majority of the questions are coming from the environment section. That is why this is one of the essential subjects to prepare for prelims. The environment is a current based subject, but you should know the Static Environment also.

  1.  Last four chapters of NCERT Biology
  2. Printed Notes of Shanker IAS
  3. Daily News

The economy is that subject which can help you in gaining marks or losing marks. It depends on the concept & clarity you are having or Not. For economics, I'll suggest you go for videos present on youtube then read the book or sources. Because you can't learn the concept of reading a book first.

Books & Sources
  1. For concept – watch online videos on study for civil services on youtube. All the videos are free.
  2. Book – Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh
  3. New you have to follow always
  4. Printed Notes of Shanker IAS/Budget & Economy Survey (multiple time revision)

History divided into three parts:

Ancient & Medival
Ancient history is an essential subject for prelims. You'll get questions related to Ancient history in good marks and quantity.
Medival history does not carry much wattage for prelims. Every year you can expect 1-2 question only, but last year most of the problem comes from Medival only so we cannot predict UPSC Exam Pattern. You have to prepare nicely.

Books & Sources
  1. For Ancient – NCERT from class 11th by RS Sharma
  2. For Medieval- NCERT By Satish Chandra 
Modern History
Modern History means all the topics related from British India time around 1757 to 1947 (Independence). In history, you can expect the majority of the Question from Modern.

Sources & Book
  1. Book – Old NCERT of class 12th (Modern History from Bipin Chandra) If it is possible for you, then learn the book every single line. If you do so, then you can easily attempt 9 out of 10 questions.
  2. Also, go for Spectrum if you find difficulty in understanding.
Art & Culture 
Art & Culture is having a vast topic as well as marks for prelims. This topic also comes in Medival & Ancient history, but you should read it separately.

Books / Sources
  1. Nitin Singhania – this book will cover all the syllabus related to Indian Culture.
  2. Class 11thNCERT Book is a must to clear the basic concept.
It is the most diverse subjects. Let's divide the geography into four parts:

Physical geography – GC Leong, If you find difficulty in understanding, then go for online on youtube.
Indian Geography – Geography of India by Majid Hussain.

World geography- Regularly update your self for world geography. You'll get a question from the topic which was currently more in new.

Map-Based Question- Keep a map-based app on your phone or Stick a big map poster on the wall of your study room and always look at the map when you come & leave the room.


  1. NCERT – Class 11th & Class 12th
  2. Current Affairs – online/Solve regular MCQ's

Science & Technology
Every year UPSC asks many questions from the science topic. It becomes easy for the aspirants who are from a science background.

Sources & Books

  1. NCERT's of class 6th – 10th + 12th Class Biology
  2. Technology Section for a daily newspaper
  3. Current Affairs daily from

Current Affairs Question
One can neglect current affairs from day to day life. Current Affairs are the most important part to crack UPSC. Every year the majority of questions are asked from current affairs.


  1. Newspapers – Try reading daily newspapers as it contains an essential day to day news and articles that help you in both prelims & mains Exam.
  2. Online Current affairs – many platforms are providing current affairs online regularly. They all are updated. You can follow for regular current affairs.

How to start preparing to Crack UPSC

Start with the following steps:

  • - Download the latest UPSC Syllabus & ready it 1o times at least.
  •        Get the NCERT's Book or Download app for reading books from class 6th to 12th.
  • - Current affairs of your own choice. Read it regularly.
  • - Get a spiral binding notebook & start making a note. (Know how to make useful notes without wasting time)
  • Now you can start your preparation. The most crucial thing you should know what to read and what not to.


A brief time table has a design to crack UPSC.

  JANUARY 1st Week

  • - Make a routine – anything you like.
  • - Make sure you are studying for 6-8 hours per day & when one month left before the exam, it will change to 10-12 hours a day.
  • - Fit the topics mentioned in the routine.
  • - Start with Geography class 6th & History class 6th
  • - Geography after your morning Newspaper session
  • - History in the Evening
  • - Sunday is your revision day of what you have studied the whole Week.

JANUARY 2nd Week

  • - Geography class 7th
  • - History Class 7th
  • - Saturday Revision
  • - Sunday – Mock Test


  1. - Polity – Laxmikanth
  2. - Economics – Can watch videos first online on any channel
  3. - Sunday – Revision + Yojana


  1. - Polity
  2. - Economy
  3. - Sunday – Revision + Yojana

February 1stWeek

  1. - Geography class 8th
  2. - History Class 8th
  3. - Current Affairs Compilation of January + Mock test
  4. - Sunday – Revision

FEBRUARY 2ndweek

  1. - Polity
  2. - Economy
  3. - Sunday – Revision + Mock test of Polity & economy from what you have read in January


  1. - Geography Class 6, 7, 8 – revision
  2. - History Class 6,7,8 – revision
  3. - Sunday – yojana + Mock test of History & Polity (now you a bit familiar with the question)


  1. - Polity
  2. - Economy
  3. - Sunday Revision

MARCH 1stWeek

  1. - History Class 9th
  2. - Geography Class 9th
  3. - Sunday – Revision + Mock Test

MARCH 2nd Week

  1. - Science NCERT Class 8th
  2. - Social & Political class 8th
  3. - Sunday – Revision + Yojana

March 3rdWeek

  1. - Geography Revision
  2. - Polity Revision
  3. - Current affairs Compilation of February

MARCH 4thWeek

  1. - History Class 10th
  2. - Geography Class 10th
  3. - Revision
  • By April End you should be done with
  • 1- Geography NCERT's – Class 6 – 10
  • 2- History NCERT's – Class 6 -10th
  • 3- Science NCERT's – Class 6 – 10th
  • 4- Polity – Laxmikanth ( You should idly complete first 40-50 chapters)
  • 5- Economy - You should have an idea of basic economy terms
  • 6- 7-8 Mock test
  • 7- 1-2 Revision whatever you have studied
  • 8- Current Affairs compilation of every month & its revision

MAY 1stWeek

  1. - Geography – Class 11th (Fundamentals of Geography) 1 third
  2. - History – Ancient India (1 third)
  3. - Environment – Shanker IAS (1 third)
  4. - Sunday – Revision

MAY 2ndWeek

  1. - April Current Affairs compilation & Mock Test
  2. - Polity
  3. - Economy
  4. - Science Class 10th
  5. - Revision

MAY 3rdWeek

  1. - Geography - Class 11th Fundamental of Geography (2 third)
  2. - History – Ancient India (2nd Third)
  3. - Environment – Shanker IAS (2nd Third)
  4. - Sunday – Yojana of April Issue + Mock Test


  1. - Geography – Class 11th (Last Third)
  2. - History – Ancient India (Last Third)
  3. - Environment – Shankar IAS (Last Third)
  4. - Sunday Revision of all three books

NOTE – In One month Idly you can able to finish Class 11th fundamental Book, Ancient India, Shankar IAS along with daily Newspaper & current monthly affairs to crack UPSC

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How to Study for UPSC Prelims to Crack UPSC

Crack UPSC

UPSC has a very vast syllabus. It is tough for someone to read all in very little time. But as a UPSC aspirant, you don't have any choice left. There is no shortcut for success, and UPSC can get clear only by practicing & preparing. "Forget everything; just focus on your aim your goal that only you can achieve. Always try to be motivated and when you feel low then think about your Family & Another family what problem are they facing. You are the one who can change the scenario."

 I am only a medium between you and your goal. I can only help you by providing the details, Tricks, Strategies, which are helpful for an Aspirant to clear the exam & Crack UPSC. Like the point written below are always to remember:

  • - When you start your preparation, don't think that you have to prepare according to the prelims point of view. Always keep in mind that you are learning for mains. UPSC asks questions for prelims are based on the concept. Preparing in this way will also help you with your mains exam.
  • - start topic, whether it is tight or secure, try to get the why & how of the selected item. UPSC ask a question which you have never read, but when you ask these two question to yourself and when your concept is clear you can apply your sense and try to choose the right answer.
  • - Try to underline the essential things when you are reading a book and not making notes. It is also not good to make notes in first reading always start making notes in the second reading. Learn "How to make Effective notes for UPSC."
  • - Revision – Try to revise all the topics which you prepared today 2 times a day. One in the evening and another is in the night before you go to sleep. This will help you to keep all the points and topics in your mind for a long time.
  • - Try to solve MCQ's type of question also. Try at least 20 questions a day. It will help to improve your guesswork.

 How to practice UPSC MCQ

UPSC Syllabus is endless, that is the way most of the question you'll find in the question paper is out of the syllabus every time you think you can solve all the question that is going to come in UPSC Prelims, but then you will get a question like you haven't read. So what you can all do is –
"Practise more to improve your guess."

Attempt Previous Year Question as many as possible to crack UPSC

There are many books in the market which compile all the previous year's questions in it. You have to solve all the past year's papers and evaluate yourself which section of yours is active and in which part you need to practice more.

Daily Quiz App:

We are many options available on the Internet for regular quiz test. Try to download any app or check online the daily quiz. Participate in an exam, especially in those topics which require more practice to make it secure. Attempt daily 20-30 questions.

Online Test Series

Join Online test series already available on the Internet. This series will help you in Increasing your speed when you attempt the question and also increase your ability to choose one from 4 questions.
Online test series also helpful; it will give some of the questions like you have never seen before.

I will not recommend you which one you should join. Just go on a net search according to your needs & compatibility.

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UPSC CSAT 2: How to Crack UPSC Csat Paper 2

  • UPSC CSAT, also is known as Paper 2, is a qualifying exam. Here you have to get only 33% of the total to qualify for this exam. BUT DONT TAKE IT SO LIGHTLY.
  • We have many aspirants who have not clear the prelims just because of Paper 2. As maybe they took the exam very lightly, and cant can clear it. UPSC CSAT is accessible only for those who have practiced a lot.
  • Although it requires only 33%, it doesn't mean you can ignore it or Take it for a grant.
For paper two also, you need to solve all the previous year question papers. The exam looks easy, but when you attempt it, you come to know that it is very time-consuming too. To overcome this practice more. When you start training, put a time limit, and then begin solving answers; in the given period, if you can achieve at least 50% of marks, then you are at a safer side else you need to practice more and more.

Syllabus of Paper 2 to Crack UPSC

  •      Interpersonal skills & communication skills
  •      Logical Reasoning & ability test
  •       Decision making
  •       Problem Solving
  •       Mental Ability
  •  Class 1oth Basic numerical
The total number of Questions asked is 80 & the time given for UPSC PAPER 2 is only 2 hours. The paper looks easy, but when you start solving, it becomes time-consuming, It means you have 1.5 minutes per question. One can quickly answer this question if he/she knows the tricks. These tricks one can make by practicing much. 

There are lots of material available offline & online too. Always carry at least one book and try to solve and read in free time. Some of them are:
2- GENERAL STUDIES PAPER 2 for 2020 by McGraw-Hill

Writers gave features of the Book

      1 - It includes 2019 Question Paper with solution & frequency analysis.

2- A more in-depth analysis of the previous year's questions and the emerging trends to prepare Model tests and questions accordingly.

3- Includes frequency analysis and solutions to the question papers from 2011 to 2019.

4- Accuracy of content and information with an abundance of modular practice sessions.

If you find to understand these books, then you can also refer to online video on the platform like-Youtube

Final Tips for your Prelims Preparation to Crack UPSC

  • It will take time to reach there, So don't panic.
  • Always study for yourself, not for the exam. So you can gain knowledge which will help you everywhere.
  • UPSC preparation can change the perception through which you look at the world.
  • Don't lose hope if you don't succeed in your first attempt; there is always a second attempt
  • You will find information related to your exam everywhere also, when you are browsing Facebook, Note it down, so you don't forget & will help you to crack UPSC.
  • If you have the accessibility, then use technology to keep your notes digital and organized. 
  • Use your phone wallpaper to remember hard facts like using the preamble as your phone wallpaper.
  • Make your room a book. Stick facts everywhere on the wall.
  • Give your health the priority. Ultimately "Health is Wealth."
  • Keep studying, revising, and practicing. If you are 100% committed to these three things, no one can stop you from succeeding.

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