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Tuesday, 31 December 2019

UPSC Civil Services 2020 Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services Syllabus 2020

UPSC Civil Services 2020 Syllabus

UPSC Civil Services Syllabus 2020

Get the latest UPSC Civil Services Syllabus 2020. UPSC Civil services exam conducted in 3 steps. One is Prelims, another is Mains & the last one is Interview.
Prelims consist of two papers, i.e. Paper 1 & paper 2

Prelims Paper 1 -  

  • · Total marks- 200
  • · Duration- 3 Hours
  • · Current Affairs (All the national & International news)
  • · History- it includes Ancient, Medieval, Modern.
  •     From last many years the average number of question which comes in the history part comes from Ancient & Modern
  •     Medieval items are hardly 2-3.
  • · Geography- Include all the geographical changes occur in India and the world as well. Changes like Physical, social & economical
  • · Indian Polity – It includes questions mainly from Constitution, Indian citizen act, There rights, Power of governor, Prime minister, President, Chief minister. All about stated their power and rights etc.
  • · Economy & Social Development – It includes a question from Indian Economy, there growth, Rise & Fall of economy, development done by government time to time in every sector like social-economical & Political etc.
  • · Environment – It asks the questions about the issues & problems for the environment and what are their solution. Also includes Ecology, Bio-diversity & Climate change.
  • · General science – consists of the question of basic science from class 6th to 12th, especially from NCERT’s.

Prelims Paper 2 –

  • · General Knowledge
  • · Interpersonal Skills
  • · Communication Skills
  • · Ability to tackle Problem-solving questions.
  • · Decision-making questions
  • · General Mental Ability
  • · Numerical – class Xth level loke chart,diagrams,data,graph,table,decimals etc
  •    Paper 2 will be a qualifying paper. Aspirants have to get 33% marks.

The mains written exam as per UPSC Civil Services syllabus 2020:

Paper A- It includes Language paper from one of the Modern Indian Language. It carries 300 marks, but the marks do not count. It is only a qualifying exam in which aspirants have to qualify.

This paper include:

  • · Comprehensive passage
  • · Writing
  • · Vocabulary
  • · Short essay
  • · Translation from English to other languages
  •     The level of paper A is of high school.

Paper B- It is also of qualifying nature. It includes 300 marks & duration of 3 hours.
This paper aims to check the ability of the candidate to read & understand the given scenario & express his idea of incorrect English or another language.

Paper 1-


Paper 1 is of Essay writing. It carries 250 marks & time duration in this paper is 3 Hours. This exam is to write in the language of aspirant’s choice. The aspirant has to write an essay on a specific topic given in the question paper. The candidate should share their thoughts and point of view close to the given text. Marks are provided on effective writing and idea of expression.

Paper 2-

General Studies I

  • Paper 2 is also of 250 marks & the time duration is 3 Hours. General Studies I include the history & Geography section.
  • History includes Indian culture that covers silent features of Art, Literature & Architecture from all the historical time, i.e., from Ancient to modern
  • Modern India history from the middle of the 18thcentury to the Present.
  • Freedom Struggle
  • Features of Indian Society
  • Role of women & women population, organization, poverty etc
  • Effect of Globalization
  • Social Empowerment
  • Regionalism, Secularism, Communalism
  • Features of World Geography

Paper 3-

General Studies II – It is of 250 marks & time duration is 3 hours.

  • It includes the topic like Government, Constitution, Social Justice, International relations.
  • Indian Constitution – History, Features, Act, Amendments, Provision, Articles.
  • Function & Responsibility of Union & state.
  • Seperation of Power between various organs.
  • Comparison of Indian constitution with other countries.
  • Parliament & state Legislature. Its Power, function, structure, etc.
  • Appointment of constitutional post power & acts.
  • Government policy & its development.
  • Role of civil services in a democracy.
  • India and it's neighbour
  • Relevant international agencies, institutions, fora & their structure.

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Paper 4-

General Studies III – It consists of 250 marks & time duration is 3 Hours.

  • It includes Economical development, Technology, Bio-diversity, Environment & Disaster management.
  • Indian Economy & its issue related to planning, mobilizing, growth, Employment.
  • Government Budget.
  • Major crops in various part of state & its cropping pattern, Type of irrigation & irrigation system, Agriculture, Product, its issue, etc
  • Land reforms in India. 
  • Food Processing in India & its related Industries.
  • Energy, Ports, Road, Railways in India.
  • Model of Investment
  • Science & Technology.
  • Awareness in the IT sector, Computer, Robot, Space & issues related to Intellectual Property rights.
  • Different Security Forces & Agencies.
  • Disaster management.
  • Security challenges & management in the Border area. 

Paper 5-

General Studies IV – It also consists of 250 marks & 3 Hours time duration.

  • It checks the candidate's aptitude, Ethics & Integrity; It tests the candidate attitude towards the related issue given in the question paper.
  • Ethics & Human: Ethics in Human Life, Ethics in Personal & public relations.
  • Human Values: Lives of a great leader, reformer, administrator.
  • Atitude: behaviour, political & moral attitude.
  • Emotional intelligence concept, there utilities & application in administration.
  • Contribution of Thinkers & Philosophers from India & world
  • Public service values & ethics, corporate governance, Rules, Laws, Regulation.
  • Concept of public service, codes of ethics, code of conduct, citizens
  • Case study

Paper 6-

Optional Subject Paper I

It is the optional subject chosen by aspirants on their own. It carries 250 marks & the duration is 3 hours.

Paper 7-

Optional Subject Paper II

This paper also carries 250 marks & 3 hours of time duration. The candidate chooses the subject from a list of given topics by the UPSC.

The Subjects for optional are –

  • General Studies
  • Essay
  • English Qualifying
  • Indian Languages
  • Agriculture Main
  • Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Science
  • Botany Mains
  • Bodo Mains
  • Chemistry Main
  • Civil Engineering Main
  • Commerce Main
  • Economics Main
  • Electrical Engineering Main
  • Geography Main
  • Geology Main
  • Indian History Main
  • Law Mains
  • Mathematics Main
  • Mechanical Engineering Main
  • Medical Science Main
  • Philosophy Main
  • Physics Main
  • Political Science Main
  • Psychology Main
  • Public Administration Main
  • Sociology Main
  • Statistics Main
  • Zoology Main
  • Anthropology Main
  • Assamese Main
  • Bengali Main
  • Dogri Main
  • English Main
  • Gujarati Main
  • Hindi Main
  • Kannada Main
  • Kashmiri Main
  • Konkani Main
  • Maithili Main
  • Malayalam Main
  • Manipuri Main
  • Marathi Main
  • Nepali Main
  • Oriya Mains
  • Punjabi Main
  • Sanskrit Main
  • Santali Main
  • Sindhi Main
  • Tamil Main
  • Telugu Main
  • Urdu Mains
  • Management Main 

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